Insect Traps

Forestry and Agriculture Trap Types 

A large variety of traps can be purchased (with or without lures). To purchase a specific trap please contact us.

Lindgren Funnel Trap
Lindgren Funnel Trap

For more than 20 years, the most effective and user-friendly beetle trap worldwide.

  • used to reduce populations of bark beetles, ambrosia beetles and other wood-boring insects, including wood wasps
  • used to detect the presence of invasive insects at ports of entry
  • collapses for easy storage and transportation
  • collection cups come with conical drain screens for dry trapping, or a rubber bung for wet-trapping
  • vapor tape to kill captured insects in dry collection cups can be purchased separately
  • durable - can be used for several seasons
  • all parts are replaceable and can be purchased separately
  • lure holders for small and large lures also available

Lindgren funnel traps can be purchased with different numbers of funnels:

16 Funnel: Used by researchers to provide optimal tree-mimicking silhouette
12 Funnel: Provides a strong vertical silhouette plus efficacy and ease of use - best all-round trap for pest suppression and detection programs
8 Funnel: Vertical silhouette plus economy - used in pest monitoring programs that do not require every beetle be caught
4 Funnel: For indoor trapping of beetles that infest stored grain and other food products

Cross Vane Panel Trap

Cross-Vane Panel Trap

  • for trapping large wood-boring beetles and wood wasps, as well as other bark and timber beetles
  • easy to assemble and durable
  • adapted to tightly hold the bottom funnel and collection jar of the Lindgren Funnel Trap
  • optional wet and dry collection cups - vapor tape available for killing captured insects in dry cups
  • panels with holes to hang lures - cut-outs in panels allow dispersal of odors in all directions

Sticky Panel TrapSticky Panel Trap

  • Sticky Panel Trap used with attractive lure for mass-trapping European and native elm bark beetles - vectors of Dutch elm disease
  • can be stapled to wooden telephone pole or non-host tree
  • can be removed and discarded when beetle flight is over


  • used to capture large numbers of moths
  • pheromone lures are installed in the lure basket placed above the funnel leading into trap
  • used for suppression of certain populations, e.g. low-level gypsy moth infestations, or where pesticide sprays are excluded
  • used for population monitoring when moths are so numerous that conventional sticky traps cannot be used
  • vapor tape can be added for rapid knockdown of captured insects
  • green or multicoloured versions available

Cardboard Delta TrapCardboard Delta Trap

  • inexpensive, disposable trap used for monitoring species of moths and certain other pests
  • pheromone lures specific to each target are easily placed on the sticky interior surface
  • catches of some species can be improved by leaving the flaps open or folding them in

Plastic Delta Trap

  • durable, reusable trap for codling and other moths with extended flight periods or multiple generations
  • replaceable, sticky inserts for periodic monitoring of catches
  • pheromone lures placed on the sticky surface
  • flaps can be left open, or folded in depending on the behavior of the target species

Diamond Trap

Diamond Trap

  • inexpensive, effective, disposable sticky trap for trapping moth pests
  • easy assembly – saves time for technicians
  • pheromone lures specific to each target are easily installed
  • flaps can be left open, or folded in depending on the behavior of the target species

Wing TrapWing Trap

  • effective in monitoring moth pests of orchards, forests and field crops
  • pheromone lures placed on sticky insert
  • removable sticky insert allows for easy counting of captured insects, and replacement of trapping surface
  • discard at end of season

Spotted Wing Drosophila TrapSpotted Wing Drosophila Trap

Better than homemade traps and an effective indicator of SWD presence

  • use to manage or monitor infestations
  • easy to hang
  • easy to observe and evaluate without removing
  • sturdy, easy to clean and re-usable
  • red label ensures maximum visual attraction
  • lure not included

Sticky Card Traps (Yellow)

  • yellow is very attractive to many insect pests, including aphids, whiteflies, midges, fungus gnats, and ragoletes fruit flies
  • captured insects can be easily counted
  • for use in orchards, greenhouses, ornamental gardens in office buildings, around house plants, and in home flower and vegetable gardens
  • can be used to reduce populations of whiteflies and aphids

Rhagoletis Trap

  • used for ragoletes fruit fly pests of apples, cherries blueberries and other crops
  • attractive lures available to enhance effectiveness
  • can be used by growers for monitoring first flight to indicate when to apply insecticide
  • in use, trap is folded to form two-sided trap, and is suspended from hangers supplied with it