Organic Miticides

Organic Miticides

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Biomite Miticide, OMRI Listed

Biomite Organic Miticide is a minimum risk biochemical miticide that controls mites using a novel mode of action which inhibits the development of resistance.

Active Ingredients:Geraniol 0.417%, Citronellol 0.417%, Nerolidol 0.417%, Farnesol 0.167%


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Ecotec Broad Spectrum Insecticide Miticide, OMRI Listed

Ecotec Broad Spectrum Insecticide Miticide is a unique insecticide/miticide with two modes of action. Research has shown that the patented combination of essential oils in Ecotec block octopamine neuroreceptors in insects and mites, and also provide a temporary covering to the pest’s outer membrane leading to a smothering effect.

Active Ingredients: Rosemary Oil 10.0%, Peppermint Oil 2.0%


Grandevo PTO Bioinsecticide Miticide OMRI Listed

Grandevo PTO Bioinsecticide Miticide controls a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking insects and mites … but is easy on beneficials. Combining high performance with operational flexibility, Grandevo bio-based products are paving the way for new, innovative uses of microbial insecticides.

Active Ingredient: Chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1T and spent fermentation media 30%

Signal Word - Caution

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M-Pede Fungicide Miticide Insecticide OMRI Listed

M-Pede Fungicide Miticide Insecticide insecticidal soap is an OMRI listed organic insecticide and fungicide for the control of mites, aphids and powdery mildew.

Active Ingredient: Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids 49%

Signal Word - Warning

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SuffOil-X Insecticide Miticide Fungicide OMRI Listed

SuffOil-X is a unique concentrate of pre-emulsified, highly refined, high paraffinic, low aromatic oil. The small oil droplets assure that a very thin, uniform coating of oil is applied to the plant, which effectively smothers and kills pests while maintaining plant safety.

Active Ingredient: Mineral Oil 80.0%

Signal Word - Caution

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Triact 70 Fungicide Insecticide Miticide OMRI Listed 2½, 2.5 Gal.

Triact 70 Fungicide Insecticide Miticide (clarified hydrophobic extract of Neem oil) is a broad-spectrum fungicide, miticide and insecticide that is OMRI Listed.

Active Ingredient: Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil 70%

Signal Word - Caution

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TriTek Fungicide Miticide Insecticide, OMRI Listed, 2.5 gal

TriTek Fungicide Miticide Insecticide The proven leader in pesticidal performance and reliability. OMRI Listed.

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