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Spinosad (pronounced "spin-OH-sid") is derived through the fermentation of a naturally occurring organism. It uniquely combines the efficacy of synthetic products with the benefits of biological insect pest control products.

Spinosad has several attractive features when compared to most synthetic insect pest control products:

  • It is derived through the fermentation of a naturally occurring organism;
  • It is highly active at low use rates;
  • It is active by ingestion and contact exposure;
  • It has less impact on certain predatory beneficial insects; and
  • It is active by a mechanism unique among known insect pest control compounds.

 Spinosad has several attractive features when compared to most biological insect pest control products:

  • It consistently demonstrates commercially acceptable control for labeled pests;
  • It is effective by both contact and ingestion;
  • It has quicker speed of control;
  • It provides longer residual control in the field;
  • It has no special handling or use restrictions.

 Spinosad works by contact and by ingestion. Contact occurs either by direct application to the insect or by movement of the insect onto a treated surface. Ingestion occurs as insects feed on treated substrate (such as foliage). While control via contact is highly effective, control via ingestion is 5 - 10 times more effective.

Spinosad has a unique mode of action that is different from all other known insect control products. Spinosad causes excitation of the insect nervous system, leading to involuntary muscle contractions, prostration with tremors, and finally paralysis. These effects are consistent with the activation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by a mechanism that is clearly novel and unique among known insecticidal compounds. Spinosad also has effects on GABA receptor function that may contribute further to its insecticidal activity.

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Conserve SC Spinosad Insecticide

Conserve SC Spinosad Insecticide is an excellent choice for turf and ornimental use.

Active Ingredient: Spinosad

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Entrust SC Naturalyte Spinosad Insecticide OMRI Listed

Entrust SC Naturalyte Insect Control for use in organic production, provides the performance organic growers have come to trust, but in a new liquid formulation. Produced through the fermentation of a naturally occurring soil bacterium, spinosad, the active ingredient in Entrust SC, provides control of insects such as worms, thrips and leafminers.

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Active Ingredient: Spinosad 22.5%

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